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Today was better.  Feeling seems to be returning in her right arm.  Hand is still not up to writing, holding coffee cup, etc..

The kids were full of sass and vinegar today and Miranda was totally overwhelmed.  She kept breaking down and asking if she was doing something wrong, “I’m a bad mother, aren’t I?”  No, they’re just toddlers, this is what they do…..

Her MRI is tomorrow at 12:45, if there IS fluid on her brain it will be drained in outpatient surgery shortly after.  If not she will be referred to a neurologist as her memory is NOT returning, she has about 5-10% recall from 2000-present. :(

Today Miranda remembered 2 things, a friend of hers named Sara and also an argument that she had w/ her dad about 1 day before her accident.  She is more coherant now but she is missing most of the events from 2000 on.  She asks about what her friends from high school and art school in SF are doing now & I answer and she is totally surprised.  She says in intake at ER a nurse wrote down the date as 11/27/01 and she was like “Wow, I missed two years” but obviously she either read it backwards or writing the year first is some weird medical thing.  Either way, she saus she remembers graduating high school, moving to SF with Sanjay her ex fiancee, dropping out of art school, he broke up with her, she moved home and then she was in a car accident and had two kids.  I can’t imagine how freaked out she musy be bit she’s holding up well and trying to be a attentive parent and I’m very proud of her.

Unfortunately she seems to have lost feeling in her right arm/hand and cannot write/pick thingsup/use it much.  She is right handed so this is BAD.  Her dad and I are trying to give her help with the kids but Gordon (her dad) is not good with kids, so when I jave to go back to work it will be tough. :(

She can read now, and type left handed (she emailed a reply to her friend Sara) but she says spelling is hard (used to be an excellent speller) and she is always tired and very sore.

Please keep her in your thoughts, we have along road ahead.


OK, Miranda and the kids made it thru the night OK.  Zoe (her daughter age 2) is a little “off” her usual personality so she is being seen ASAP, Bodhi (son age 1) is OK as well.  Miranda has no memory of a lot of things going back many (5 or so) years, for ex. she does not remember having her kids (she said “I like them a lot, I wish I could remember their births.  I always wanted a boy and a girl, now I have them.”) her kids’ dads, or writing a book, or living in Portland, etc.. She had an MRI scheduled for today but it has been pushed back to Monday as the imaging center does not think it is an “emergency”, what dumb asses. :(  Any way, she has a Dr. appt. later this afternoon and we will see what the CT said in some detail.  She is no longer dizzy, but in some pain and has some damaged nerves in her left side.  She has a “bruised brain” per ER specialist and there is some issue with fluid?  I don’t really get it, but she may need something drained?  I am at work, sorry, and I don’t have paperwork with me.

Also her stupid car insurance “representative”, ha, won’t contact the guy who hit her’s insurance, he wants HER to do it.  I told him, SHE HAS A BRAIN INJURY, but she still has to do all the legwork.  I just talked to her, she wants me to help if I can but I’m not sure i can. :(

1 good thing, she is able to read now.  She could not read/write right after the accident.

Today has been hard.  My daughter and grandkids were in a serious car accident, they were rear ended at a stop light in Medford by a guy going 50 mph talking on his cell phone.  The kids are both OK, thank god, but my daughter has T.B.I., which is a sort of brain injury caused by the impact of her brain on her skull.  And the steering wheel, and the head rest.  She tried to drive home b/c the paramedics thought she “looked ok” to drive, nothing broken, just some bruises.  Thankfully she called me b/c she was tired and had to crank the AC to stay awake driving, it is 29 degrees F here so I knew some thing was wrong.  I met her at the house, she got out of the car and fell on the ground, white and clammy.  I got her to her feet, she kept saying “I’m so tired” and wanted to sleep in the driveway but I got her in the house, got the kiddos in too.  I called Judy and got her to drive Miranda to ER, I had to stay home with the kids.  They have some bruises and real shook up but OK.  Judy called and said they were going to do a CT on her and gave her pain meds and had her in a neck brace b/c she has whiplash.  Judy had to go to work so Babe came in and set with her.  She said Miranda was very incoherant and wasn’t making sense, for ex. she did not know her dad had retired or Joanie had had a stroke, etc.. The doc ddid the CT and app. several x rays and thank GOD she did not have a broken neck or a skull fracture but she has bruising on the brain and her gross motor skills, balance, memory are all jacked up.  They released her with some pain meds and a neck brace and advised us to get a hold of a personal injury lawyer.  Thankfully the police made the initial scene and filed a report and gave the rear ender a ticket, so now we have to get her to the DMV and insurance agent and Dr tomorrow for follow up.  She is tired and slurring her speech.  She seems to not rember having her kids and is crying and loving on them and treating them with kid gloves.  It is sweet *how motherly she is) but scary, they say her memory MAY come back in 7 days or it MAY never come back, her motor skills and speech will probably improve in a few weeks.  She may be able to get therapy if her memory stays gone.  She seems to be operating without at least 3-5 years of back history.  I may be wrong but it seems as though she thinks she JUST moved back from SF, which happed in early 00s.  Like for ex. she said “Oh I always wanted a room in the garage, that’s such a nice surprise.  Its pretty, I like it.”

I’m at a loss of what to do, I guess I’ll jusy ask you to pray for us. :(

Here is an article about T. B. I. I googled:

Another Impossible Question That Must Be Answered


invictvs: eugenicist:

At the moment, eugenics is politically impossible, but dysgenics is accepted and even encouraged. Because of this, no one thinks, much less asks, when it’s acceptable to sterilize someone against their will. So, when is it acceptable?

I would put the social acceptability, for now, at the point where the person is a criminal and has a reason to be sterilized

 Because chemical castration can fail, I strongly suggest actual castration for all sex offenders.


Not much going on today

There was a lot of “dead time” at work in my department today so I made one of these.  My daughter has one and she loves hers.  Thought it would be a cool way to share photos with the fam and find new music. 

My grandson Bodhi as a newborn last Jan

My grandson Bodhi as a newborn last Jan

Me holding granddaughter Zoe at the beach, age 1 year.  She is two and a half now.

Me holding granddaughter Zoe at the beach, age 1 year.  She is two and a half now.

Our daughter Miranda

Our daughter Miranda

My dream van.  I see this at all the car shows.  I tell Gordon (husband) that I want mine tie-dyed which of course you can’t do to a car but I think you could air brush it to look that way.

My dream van.  I see this at all the car shows.  I tell Gordon (husband) that I want mine tie-dyed which of course you can’t do to a car but I think you could air brush it to look that way.